Cardinal Thorn

High Priest of Asmodeus


Cardinal Adrastus Thorn is the only high priest of Asmodeus in Talingarde. He and his servant Tiadora helped rescue our villains from Branderscar Prison, and in exchange for signing The Pact of Thorns, is training them to be part of his secret army. The Pact protects the villains from each other and requires loyalty both to and from Thorn. (Of course, the pact is weighed in Thorn’s favor.)

Thorn heads the Nine Knots, of which our villains are the newest. The villains have been introduced to the White Ravens, aka the Seventh Knot, who were recruited only a few days before.

Thorn bears a runic brand that signified he had been in prison. He said he wasn’t in Branderscar Prison, however.


Cardinal Thorn

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