Grumblejack the Ogre

Inmate of Brandescar Prison


Grumblejack is one of the very few ogres still alive on the Isle of Talingarde and was haunting the local moor making a living as a highway- man when he was caught, dragged here and branded. Two guards died getting him into this cell. He is now being kept here as a trophy by the local constabulary who are waiting for a suitable occasion to publically execute him. Grumblejack is utterly mystified he is still alive and thinks it reveals just how stupid the “little ’uns” are.

Grumblejack is not that bad for an ogre (being neutral evil instead of chaotic evil). Of course that still makes him an outlaw and enemy of the state according to Talirean law. He is supremely self-interested but is not needlessly cruel or violent. He is also quite smart and likeable by ogre standards. He does love a good scrap though and would jump at a chance to escape his cell. Still, he takes orders poorly unless brought to heel. He is very superstitious and afraid of magic.


Grumblejack the Ogre

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