The white Ravens

The Seventh Knot (Deceased)


The White Ravens, aka The Seventh Knot, aka The Knot Hibernal, are a “knot” recruited by Cardinal Thorn a few days before our villains of the Ninth Knot were recruited. They wear iron circlets and have signed The Pact of Thorns.

As the villains didn’t really talk to them, they know little of them, other than they weren’t imprisoned.

Elise Zaria, aka “Z”, a “winter witch” and leader of the Knot.
Dostan Alfson, burly half-elf warrior
Trak, manhunter
Trik, priest of Asmodeus and fraternal twin brother of Trak. He has proven capable of raising the dead and changing form quickly, at will. Trik carries a pair of short swords.


The white Ravens

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